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Betty Mackey

  • How to Make Evergreen Garden Boughs

    In spring, it’s fun to pick big bouquets of blooming shrubs and flowering bulbs, but winter also has such opportunities. You can go with the same large outdoor containers you […]
  • 4 Tips for Caring for Your Garden in the Fall

    The garden season is ending soon. Fall is beautiful, with bright colors and clear blue skies, but the work it demands can keep us from enjoying it. I’m not a […]
  • How to Embrace Moss in the Garden

    Velvety green moss is a calming element in a garden. Deer don’t eat it. It needs no mowing. It looks right with casual shade gardens, growing with ferns, rhododendrons, mountain […]
  • How to Make a Statement in Your Garden This Spring

    Balmy weather arrives soon, and winter will seem a world away. I plan to celebrate—big time. I’m going to have bananas. Maybe even the pink banana I saw in Buffalo […]
  • 6 Gardening Books to Read This Winter

    The creation of a good garden book takes experience, science, imagination, esthetics and organized development. Good photos and an expensive color printing job may add to the value. One that’s […]
  • How to Create an Indoor Salad Garden

    Fall is a great time to grow salad greens. The weather is cooler, and lettuce and spinach prefer this and grow quickly without becoming bitter. Plus, they have a lot […]
  • Stylish Easy-Care Plants for the Garden

    If you need help as your garden pumps up into rangy summer growth, you’re not alone. That’s why there’s a trend toward well-behaved varieties, whether such plants were found in […]
  • Secrets to Successfully Growing and Assembling Sunflowers

    You can have lots of bright sunflower faces around you this summer, whether you grow your own or pick up cut flowers when you shop. Enjoying sunflowers in our bouquets […]
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Orchids

    Until this year, my orchid purchases were of the phalaenopsis type, often called moth orchids. I simply left them in the pots they came in and avoided overwatering. It was […]
  • Crafting the Perfect Garden with Rocks

    Sculptor Karin Stanley works with large stones, shaping them in ways that resonate with sun, shadow and the rest of nature before carving ancient symbols onto them. She calls some […]