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  • Meet Delaware Dog Breeder Joan Scott

    When Joan Scott bought a Doberman Pinscher 60 years ago to protect her family, she didn’t realize her life would to go to the dogs—literally.  “There was a robbery in […]
  • Book Clubs are Flourishing in the Brandywine Valley

    A former English major, Nina Kelly has always been an avid reader and, in echoes of her university days, loves to compare notes with other readers. So when her late husband’s […]
  • A Jaunt Through the Cotswolds

    You could spend a week, a month or even longer in the Cotswolds, that magical piece of England that devotees of British television are so enamored of. But even a […]
  • Idyllic Nantucket

    Where can you go where you’ll find nary a traffic light, a fast food restaurant chain, or a neon sign? Where you can walk (carefully please!) centuries-old cobblestone streets, enjoy […]
  • Visiting Ireland – and Looking to the Left

    “Are you sure you want to drive?” I asked my intrepid traveling companion while planning a recent trip to Ireland. “You know I love to drive!” she replied with what […]
  • Charleston’s Southern Charm

    It doesn’t take long to see what Rhett (as in Butler) meant when he told Scarlett (as in O’Hara) that he was returning to Charleston, where he could find “the […]
  • A Warm Welcome from Ottawa

    Every time I visit Canada, I have the feeling that I’m visiting an old friend. Though I’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot of the country, I’d never been […]
  • Spa Time in Scotland

    If you think the Scots are a dour, frugal lot (an undeserved, or at least out-of date, reputation, in my experience), you may not think of putting the words “spa” […]
  • Further Adventures of “Heidi, I’m Not!”

    The second of a three-part series As Ellen DeGeneris would say, “What’s wrong with these photos photos?” See anything odd about the photo to your left? That would be me clutching […]
  • The B&Bs of Switzerland

    The third of a three-part series No, not bed and breakfast. I”m talking about the Alpine country’s two delightful cities–Basel and Bern. While Switzerland’s cities beckon business travelers from all […]