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Steve Renzi

  • The Best Spots to Find Authentic Italian Water Ice

    It’s the perfect cool treat on a hot summer day. Authentic Italian water ice—fruit-flavored, with a texture as creamy and velvety smooth as Dean Martin’s crooning—was invented in South Philly.  […]
  • These Brandywine Valley Trees Have Stood Sentinel to History

    There are over three trillion trees on our planet. In this area, trees surround us, but at one time, there were even more. It’s estimated that 75 percent of the […]
  • Nostalgia Abounds on the Wilmington & Western Railroad

    A falling leaf doesn’t make a sound as it lands on a hissing, belching 10-ton iron horse with a ravenous appetite for West Virginia coal. The fireman scoops up a […]
  • WREX is Part of a Robotics Revolution

    Growing up is tough enough. Now imagine being unable to lift your arms high enough to drink from a cup, throw a ball or even turn the pages of this […]
  • The Original Iron Lady

    Carefully preserved in the archives at the Hagley Museum & Library is a 14-page letter from a mother to her children. Handwritten in 1825, the paper is brittle and frail, […]
  • At One With Nature

    My brother Jim and I lift the kayaks from atop his van and carry them over toward the Brandywine. To say that I lack any kayaking experience isn’t entirely true; […]