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                DREAM KITCHEN
  “France was my culinary awakening,” says Walter, who first visited as a college student. “Everybody gets their fresh bread every day; everybody eats well every day. It’s just normal. I loved that appreciation and respect for food and cooking.”
Walter—who spent 10 years working in brand management for candy empire Mars,
Incorporated—was infected by that European passion. And naturally, her French foodie background influenced both her cooking and her kitchen design.
Designing Mind
For her first kitchen, Walter hired a kitchen designer. “I had a vision and wanted someone
to help me, but I didn’t want it to be their vision,” she says. “One of the takeaways was that I needed to be in charge.”
For this renovation, however, Walter decided to go it alone design wise—but she used the same New Jersey architectural firm that helped design her previous kitchen. The architect sketched out her ideas to the exact specs she envisioned.
To open up the space and provide room for a large island, the interior wall of the kitchen was removed. Several of the decorative beams in the vaulted ceiling were also taken out.
For more light and better flow, a wall between the kitchen and family room was removed.
The architect helped design a service hall of sorts. Located off the kitchen, its doors lead to the deck and garage. It includes a potting area with soapstone sink, a powder room, and a laundry room with cubbies, shelving and an additional sink. A kitchen desk is tucked into a corner, out of sight.
Walter’s husband had just one request: a large coat-and-shoe closet near the
back door. Keith was involved in meetings and budgeting, but he otherwise left the design details to his wife. “That was my domain,” she says.
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