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The 80th Pennsylvania Hunt Cup


Imagine sitting outside in the autumn air, enjoying an afternoon picnic, admiring a procession of carriages, and watching some of steeplechase’s finest horses race by.

The Pennsylvania Hunt Cup, one of three races sanctioned by the National Steeplechase Association, consists of tailgating, vendors, and a carriage parade, all with a family-friendly atmosphere.

Sunday, November 2, marks the 80th anniversary of this exciting event, which originated in 1921 in honor of the heritage associated with fox hunting. The schedule, rain or shine, is as follows:

11:00am–Gates open
12:00pm–Pennsylvania Pony Hunt Cup
1:00pm–Carriage Parade
1:30pm–Lewis C. Ledyard Memorial
2:15pm–Arthur O. Choate, Jr. Memorial
3:00pm–Pennsylvania Hunt Cup
3:30pm–Athenian Idol Flat Rate

The main event, the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup, consists of an “open” race that encourages involvement from both experienced and aspiring jockeys and horses. The race is 4 miles long and contains 22 fences that range from 3 ½ feet to 4 feet tall. The terrain is natural and uneven, to resemble the landscapes familiar to fox hunters. The goal is to go as fast as possible and master the natural terrain and obstacles at the same time.
For general admission, the event costs $50 to enter per car; however hilltop and infield location can be purchased for $100 or $250 online.

For more information, visit pahunt.org or contact Executive Director Kathee Rengert at 484.888.6619 or email her at info@pahuntcup.org.