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Don Draper Made Me Do It: A Talk With Myself


Q: I hear you just created an online magazine MidCenturyFolio.com. Who needs that?

A: We all do. From one Sunday night to the next, America goes into withdrawal waiting for Mad Men. We want to wear their clothes, work in their office, toss back Martinis, and sleep with Don Draper.

Stacia Friedman

Q: Excuse me, but you know you can’t sleep with Don Draper.

A: I can’t?

Q: There is no Don Draper. He’s just a character.

A: I know that. His name is really Dick Whitman.

Q: Oh, dear. This isn’t going well. Let’s get back to your magazine. So, it’s about the TV show, is that right?

A: Goodness, no. MidCenturyFolio.com is a celebration of modern architecture, décor, and fashion from Bauhaus to the Beatles. It focuses on dealers in the Mid-Atlantic region, but covers important design shows across the country and around the world. It also has a store where you can find retro clothes, furniture, and decorative items.

Q: Retro? You mean used clothing? Something my Aunt Ida wore?

A: Don’t be ridiculous. All the top labels have a Mad Men collection. Banana Republic, Estee Lauder, even Ethan Allen.

Q: That’s a relief. Secondhand clothes give me the creeps. But I’m a little confused. Aren’t there enough mid-century whatever magazines out there already?

A: That’s what I thought, too, until I researched the market. The majority of mid-century magazines are as much fun to read as old Sears catalogs. Mind you, some of my happiest childhood memories were at Sears. My parents took me there often, hoping to lose me in the Appliance Department.

Q: So, what does MidCenturyFolio have that the others don’t?

A: Great stuff! In the debut issue we feature the work of one of the greatest architectural photographers of the 20th century, a profile of Hollywood costume designer Edith Head, the world’s largest collection of George Nakashima furniture, a World Heritage Bauhaus site, a retro cheater’s bar, and bathing suits that will do for you what liposuction won’t.

Q: I’m a little confused. If this is your magazine, who is this Tally Caldwell who’s listed as the founder and editor?

A: Could you please lower your voice? Tally Caldwell is my secret identity. It’s all very hush hush. That’s why Don and I have so much in common.

Q: You might want to talk to a professional about that. What I want to know is how you will manage to keep it going all by yourself? Your readers will want fresh meat … I mean material … every week.

A: Oh, I won’t be on my own for long. I’m sure Don will want to be involved. This Megan thing will never last.

Stacia Friedman (aka Tally Caldwell) is a freelance writer who previously wrote the Home column for The Hunt. Visit her new online magazine: www.MidCenturyFolio.com