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Happy 20th Anniversary The Hunt Magazine


The Hunt magazine’s elegant style, captivating photography, and memorable stories have enticed readers in southern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and northern Maryland for 20 years.

Distributed four times a year, The Hunt captures the essence of the readers, from topics of interest to stories on members in the community.

The Hunt Magazine has presented a wide range of features on home and garden, including world-class gardening tips and luxurious kitchen renovations.

The Hunt Magazine even gives you advice on dinner parties centered in the kitchen. In the 2004 winter issue, Beth D’Addono gave readers tips on how to have the best dinner party. She chronicled the evolution of the kitchen from the place where you just cook food to one where you make memories. She included easy recipes, complete with a couple of cocktail drinks.

The Hunt Magazine shows off the beauty of the Brandywine Valley. In the 2004 fall issue, Cameron Barry proved that California and the Oregon coast aren’t the only places with sophisticated wine trails. The feature explored the seven small, family-operated wineries, which back then produced 1,000 to 30,000 cases of wine per year, respectively.

The Hunt Magazine explores the world of high fashion and tempts its readers to shop for the latest trends. In the 2003 fall issue, Eileen Smith Dallabrida showcased three fashion designers, Elsa Schiaparellig, Josephie Sasso, and Patrick Comerford. The designers revealed fall trends that included bows in clothes, pink to add a pop of color, and separates to make any woman feel classy and young.

The Hunt Magazine’s greatest stories came from its features on people who live in the community.

In the 2002 fall issue, Richard L. Gaw let readers in on how he wrote his play Ethan’s People. The article also explores how theater was affected by the events of 9/11.

In the 2011 fall issue, Roger Morris detailed John Riabov’s journey to an unusual career. Riabov was looking for a new career path, and his wife, Darelle, convinced him to fix watches. The article is about his passion for fixing time and his helping future horologists.

The Hunt Magazine even does feature stories on unique hobbies, including collecting koi fish, which was a topic in the 2003 summer issue. The story, written by Pam George, introduced koi fish as a fast-growing hobby among the Brandywine Valley residents. The hobby may have a heavy price tag, but the koi fish are worth every penny.

The Hunt Magazine’s iconic animal, the horse, graces many pages, with features stories on the trainers behind these majestic creatures. In the 2009 summer issue, Terry Conway writes about horse trainer Roddy Strang and his method. Strang says the horse has to have complete trust with you, and the only way to do that is with communication. Strang’s style is best known as “natural horsemanship.”

In the 2006 spring issue, Sharon Hernes Silverman uncovered the world of breeding Icelandic horses. The story also features Lynee Alfonis, who fell in love with the breed on a trip to Vermont.

No matter why you read it, the magazine has influenced your life, whether it’s a new idea for gardening or a recipe to try for the family. It may be the 20th anniversary for the magazine, but this isn’t the end. Happy 20th Anniversary The Hunt magazine, and here’s to many more years to come.

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