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Are you an antique fanatic who doesn’t have time to waste in dusty, cluttered shops?

Locati Auctions, ideal for even the busiest professional or parent, connects online buyers with almost any antique imaginable. One of the leading online auctioneers of high-end art, period furniture, estate jewelry, and other unique antiques, Locati Auctions is housed in Maple Glen, Pa., at the Lukens Manor property, in a 6,000-square-foot historic barn dating back to 1815.

Michael Locati, founder and co-owner, initially started Locati Auctions as a retail antique store—Locati Retail—in 2001. His father was his inspiration.

“My father was a serious collector, his excitement and love of research had a profound impact on me.”

With a new vision in mind, Locati transformed the traditional business in 2004 to be the ultimate in customer service. He incorporated an online inventory of all its products, allowing antique loyalists to bid on thousands of exquisite items from the convenience of their home computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

By 2007, it became clear that the new feature not only emphasized efficiency, but proved to be quite lucrative, maximizing both profit and attracting more collectors looking to consign their items to Locati Auctions.

The antiques featured in the monthly auctions come from individual collectors and estates from all over the country. These collectors are looking to sell their silver and art, and Locati Auctions takes precise care to ensure that all objects are genuine. Each object is thoroughly scrutinized by Locati himself, who looks for maker marks, period construction, wear, and oxidation that would verify the authenticity of the piece.

When a second opinion is needed, Locati Auctions seeks consultation from its vast network of antique specialists. Additionally, even though outright purchasing from its location is not permitted, Locati Auctions allows bidders to visit the auction house during the online auction dates to inspect any items.

Some of the most popular items that Locati Auctions has sold include sterling and coin silver, fine art, Asian art, estate jewelry, and period furniture that were either made in Philadelphia or have historic significance to the Brandywine region.

Locati Auctions has been known for getting its hands on some of the most obscure antiques, which have produced extraordinary results for the consigners. Tucked away in one consigner’s basement was a fine silver Mezuzah case by Ilya Schor that sold for $13,900. A Berks County, Pa., fraktur, which was found in a paper bag with some other historic documents, sold for $13,800. Michael Locati once discovered a wrought iron chandelier by Samuel Yellin on a visit to look at some art, and the chandelier sold for $23,000. Some of the other fascinating pieces have included a Chester County Chippendale table that sold for $6,900, and a Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cup that sold for an unbelievable $204,000.

The online auctions last 14 days and are held September to June, excluding December. As soon as the auction begins, bidders can bid on the 350 to 500 lots featured in each auction. Although bidding is permitted 24/7 for two weeks, the most competitive bids are notorious for occurring during the final minutes of the auction. To register and see current lots, visit www.locatiauctions.com.

Selling its consigners’ items online has allowed Locati Auctions to offer global exposure for each piece, which creates competitive bidding for its most unique pieces. The majority of the company’s merchandise is purchased by customers within the United States, but there have been numerous international buyers, as well.

“We work with shippers that have packed and shipped our inventory to Canada, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and South America,” says Locati.

Locati Auctions offers free Saturday morning verbal appraisals of any family remnant or other property you feel might be valuable.

If you would like to learn more about Locati Auctions, or to see dates of auctions or schedule an appraisal appointment, visit www.locatiauctions.com.

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