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The bathroom is where your house uses—and wastes—the most water. So why not start your energy efficiency program with your toilet? First, there were toilets that conserved water when they flushed, which wasn’t always optimum. Now, there are toilets that allow you to choose between two flush strengths.

Keeping your water and heat use in mind, there’s also a trend toward cast-iron soaking tubs which retain heat much better than ceramic. Terrry Keenan, president of HP Builders in West Chester, Pa. and Greenville, Del., installed a Kholer cast-iron soaking tub for his kids. “It stays warm and it’s rock solid.”

Courtesy of Bancroft Homes

“Our customers are improving the size and closet space of master bathroom suites,” says Michael Christopher, principal-in-charge at Bancroft Homes in Wilmington. “We are creating larger showers, from four by five feet and up, with multiple shower heads, steam options and benches inside a frameless glass enclosure.”

Most Bancroft customers prefer light toned limestone or tumbled marble floors with medallion designs for added interest. When it comes to bathroom lighting, Christopher says, “Some of our clients are going for fancy sconces and chandeliers.”

Stephanie Fortunato, sales manager at Bancroft Homes, adds, “We’re now using furniture-style his and hers vanities rather than the standard sink cabinets, along with separate toilette rooms.”

Courtesy Horchow

Terry Keenan, agrees. He says vessel sinks are on the way out and traditional sinks are coming back in. What makes the look new is the cabinetry. “In Chester County we’re seeing more of a furniture look in bathroom cabinetry,” he says. “People are buying antique hutches and we turn them into sink cabinets. He also recommends bathroom cabinets manufactured by Horchow.

As for shower stalls, if you want to go for broke, literally and figuratively, how about a six-by-ten-foot, open shower with a heated floor, a veritable rain shower above, along with a Kholer computerized shower system that stores not only your personal preference for water temperature but your choice of iPod music—as well as the preferences of your spouse? That’s the shower dream that HP Builders made come true for a lucky homeowner in Chester County. “We try not to be trendy,” explains Keenan. “The goal is to create a bathroom or kitchen that has a timeless beauty.”

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