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Caputo’s Kitchen


My father used to say that good food makes for a good life. It’s true. The subtlest flavor in the proper context alters the very perception of not only the meal, but also the entire day.

Perhaps Jay Caputo has heard the same thing. The head chef and owner of the award-winning Espuma restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Caputo hopes to influence more than just taste buds.

A new web series produced by Peter Breslow, CEO of Peter Breslow Consulting Inc., will detail Caputo’s determination in the kitchen to provide the best dining experience for his customers. As part of its Best of Delaware Awards, Delaware Today has named Caputo best chef in Delaware for three straight years.

Episodes will feature the chef’s views on the “perfect chicken,” advice on cooking with ocean water, and dishes inspired by farmers markets. Caputo also plans to educate viewers on cooking vocabulary, such as “raviolo,” which is one piece of ravioli. The culinary master says of his new project, “I’m doing this video series because I want the public to better understand my approach to cooking as well as having a greater sense of what happens in my busy kitchen while they’re indulging in the dining room.”

When chefs present their cooking processes and their state of mind at work, their offerings should be devoured as readily as their creations.


To view more of Caputo’s series, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/MrSms253. To learn more about Espuma restaurant, visit http://www.espuma-restaurant.com/.