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Wine of the Month


I don’t consider myself a wine expert, just a wine lover!  However, the most important aspect of wine for me is how it pairs with food.  I want the wine to complement and enhance the flavors in food, not overpower them.

I have found myself choosing Malbec wines for the last year for this reason.  These warm, fruit-forward red wines tend to pair well with many different kinds of foods.

One of my favorites is the Bodegas Catena Zapata Malbec 2008.  You can find the Catena Malbecs on restaurant menus and at wine stores throughout the region.  It is a very smooth and velvety wine with creamy tannins.  The fig, black cherry and mocha flavors blend together and it has a bit of a spicy finish.

I find that this Malbec brings out the flavors of diverse foods, from the delicate saffron in paella to the spicy cumin flavors in Mexican foods.  It is also a favorite to serve with cheese, since the bright nature of the wine pairs well with the creamy, buttery flavors of cheese.  One of my favorite cheeses right now is Sharfe Maxx, a raw milk high alpage cheese from the Swiss Alps, available at our cheese counter at Janssen’s Market.  The sharp, grassy tones of the cheese pop against the warm earthy richness of the Catena Malbec.  Enjoy!

Janssen’s Market, which has been run by three generations of the Janssen family, is a culinary landmark in Greenville, Del., with more than 50 years of service and tradition.

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