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The Ultimate Bake Shoppe


From its savory tomato pies and indulgent biscotti to its friendly and enthusiastic staff, The Ultimate Bake Shoppe is truly the ultimate bakery experience.

Founder and owner James Dippolito opened the bakery more than 30 years ago in Ardmore, Pa., with a vision of sharing his delicious family recipes with the world, such as the “ultimate” chocolate chip cookie, which was the business’ original selling powerhouse. Dippolito was inspired to develop new products, such as water ice, in order to satisfy customers. Throughout the years, he mastered formulation and crafted an amazing product line, all his own.

A businessman all his life, Dippolito had faith as he embarked into the bakery industry because he believed that great success could be found in the originality of an authentic scratch bakery that was simultaneously health conscious.

“We have stood out from other bakeries by making everything from scratch, and making it so different from the traditional competition,” says manager Stephanie Brown.

Brown attributes the company’s success to its versatility, explaining that not many bakeries make scones and muffins along with pizzas. The bakery’s motto is “We offer every meal and course—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert,” with its organic Tuscan tomato pie –which customers order for all of the above – as its most popular product.

Named “Most Health Conscious Bakery” by Main Line Today, The Ultimate Bake Shoppe makes a product that allows customers to get their sweet fix, without having the guilty afterthought. The biscotti is low-fat, low-sugar, and dairy free. Customers can get sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, low-cholesterol, or several other healthy choices at this reputable bakery.

“The best part,” says Brown, “is that no one can even tell that they are low in all these factors.”

Taking advantage of fresh produce during the summer, The Ultimate Bake Shoppe offers several goodies made with fresh fruit, such as a ricotta lemon cake, a fresh-styled strawberry shortcake called a fraisier, lemon scones, and cupcakes made with delicious raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

During autumn, the bakery crafts several products with pumpkin. Enjoy a slice of pumpkin cheese cake finished with a caramel reduction, or try one of their pumpkin muffins, scones, or loaf cakes. They also offer a seasonal biscotti made with cranberries and pistachios, and ginger spice cookies.

Adjacent to the Lancaster County Farmer’s Market, the bakery’s second location, in Wayne, Pa., is at the crux of the community.

“All of the bakeries that we have ever had have been within farmer’s markets because of their high-foot traffic; people become familiar with the product line, making it easier to recognize when we moved into another market,” explains Brown.

The Ultimate Bake Shoppe (Wayne) is part of a slew of community businesses, all of which thrive off each other’s customers. It is directly across from a French-inspired delicatessen, La Delicatesse, a fresh produce vendor, which is a must-go when visiting the market, and the quaint shopping spot called the Cottage, that has everything from candles and baby bows to fine jewelry and holiday decor.

“We are very lucky to be surrounded by these specific businesses because they have high traffic; people come in just to go to these primary spots,” says Brown.

Most of The Ultimate Bake Shoppe’s customers have been loyal for years—some because it’s their routine, and others because it’s the only place where they can find a healthy treat. The staff is inviting and makes a point to get to know all customers and their needs. Regular customers usually do not even have to say a word; the staff knows exactly what they want as soon as they walk in.

The bakery implemented an online presence a few years ago, allowing customers to purchase its amazing biscotti; however, that is the only product available online.

“Our customers have said straight to us that they feel better coming into the store themselves to get their items because it illuminates the freshness factor,” explains Brown.

All the baking is done in-house by two staff members, including a pizzamaster, who are responsible for the week’s baking. At the beginning of the week, a list is made, and slowly but surely the staff makes it down the list.

“It gets very crazy, and the work pace is more than fast-moving, to say the least. I personally run around all day non-stop, but that is the pure beauty of it – knowing that your hard work and passion is being enjoyed by everyone that comes to our store,” says Brown.

The Ultimate Bake Shoppe is a great choice to spice up any occasion, and the staff is also experienced at catering large events.

For Twitter and FaceBook users, The Ultimate Bake Shoppe offers promotions by asking trivia questions and giving the winners 10 percent off their next order.

If you would like to learn more about The Ultimate Bake Shoppe, or to order its delicious biscotti, visit www.theultimatebakeshoppe.com.