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6 Adult-Friendly Nursery Décor Trends


Just as weddings are far from simple affairs, at-home nurseries are no longer just a decision between pink and blue. The volume of online information and ideas, from blogs to Pinterest and Instagram, has made decorating a baby’s room the chance to dabble in the hottest interior design trends. Parents are swapping traditional pastels, the standard overabundance of stuffed animals or theme motifs (Star Wars anyone?) for patterned ceilings, bold accent walls and vibrant textiles. The goal: create a nursery that’s both sophisticated and sippy-cup friendly.

Gray and White

Yellow used to be the go-to gender-neutral color choice, but now parents are opting for the calm, cool combo of gray and white. The contrast of stark white furniture against steely slate walls gives the space a modern feel, while the neutral palette leaves room to incorporate graphic prints or bold pops of color with textiles and toys. Pale pink or rose gold makes the perfect accent color for a girl’s room, while bright orange or teal works great for boys.


Aztec patterns, feather art prints, and rich wood tones have been a mainstay in the interior design world for the past several years, so it was only a matter of time before the trend made its way into nurseries. The natural tones create warmth, while the plethora of textures—feather dreamcatcher mobiles, sheepskin throws, macramé wall tapestries, kilim rugs—gives the space a comfortable, inviting vibe. For a simpler approach, choose pieces and prints with the same predominant color. Combining a variety of patterns and shades gives the room a more bohemian vibe. 


Bringing outdoor elements indoors with the use of earth tones,
reclaimed wood and organic objects can give a baby’s room a comforting and homey feel. Think summer camp meets cabin in the woods. Decorate the walls with faux deer heads, woodland animal prints, antler wall hooks and burlap pendants. Create a nature-inspired mobile with branches and ribbon to hang above the crib. Choose a crib made of weathered wood and opt for plaid printed sheets. Incorporate charm with old lanterns, vintage metal signs, and mason jars by scouring thrift shops and antiques stores.



In a nursery, phrases like “never stop exploring” and “always take the scenic route” set an adventurous tone for the baby to grow her imagination and creativity. With accents like clouds, hot-air balloons, arrows and maps, these spaces are sure to spark wanderlust. Use vintage treasures or mementos from past trips to decorate: Frame postcards, hang a shadow box full of plane tickets, make a table by stacking old suitcases, have friends and family write messages on a globe, or create a subway sign with a list of your favorite places.


Seeing as a baby isn’t able to appreciate or enjoy his nursery style, some parents are opting to decorate the space in a more grown-up way. A mirrored dresser instead of a changing table, a leather club chair versus a glider, a statement-making pendant light as opposed to a mobile, framed art rather than emblematic cartoon prints—all bring a more adult-friendly atmosphere. Metallic details, animal-print fabrics and bold accent walls all add to a more sophisticated look. The idea is to work the baby’s furniture and necessities into your existing décor. 



Modern design is all about clean lines and a minimalistic approach to decorating with gender-neutral colors, geometric shapes and plenty of open floor space. The concept for the modern nursery is to create a space a child can grow into. Streamlined furnishings that are multifunctional and multi-stage are essential—for example, a crib that turns into a bed, or a changing table that could later be used as a dresser. Keeping the nursery uncluttered help add to the minimalist, modern look; use shelves and baskets to keep toys and essentials out of plain sight.