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A Gateway to Refinement


Originally a security measure, gates today are often valued most for their aesthetic charm. They turn heads as they turn away unwelcome guests.

Brian McKee, founder and owner of B&E Metalworx, creates gates that fulfill both roles. Because he runs a small business, employing just two other metalworkers, he’s able to give each product special attention.

“I try to do every job like it’s for me,” McKee said. Of course, customers bring their own ideas to the table — literally. He and his employees meet with customers to hammer out the details of a job before they involve any metal, applying their personal experience to buyers” individual tastes. “It’s worked out great that way,” McKee said.

And they offer much more than gates. Add a touch of elegance to your stairs with a dazzling new handrail, or to your fireplace with a new fixture. They do fences and other custom items, as well.

The company is all about quality and fair prices, and McKee is happy to discuss all things metalworking, from arch-top styles to powder-coating — which he highly recommends — to steel itself. He has 30 years of metalworking experience, the last 10 of which he’s spent running his business.

B&E Metalworx recently launched its website, where you can see gorgeous examples of his work  and that of the other AWS-certified welders and request a quote for your own visions. You may also call 302.598.2215.

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