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A Bountiful Harvest


This season, there are more than just trees at Tyler Arboretum.

The new Vegetable Demonstration Garden is not only cultivating organically grown produce, but also a wealth of information and fun learning experiences for adults and children who visit. The Demonstration Garden began three years ago as a pilot project of Tyler Arboretum. Here, visitors may learn about plant nutrition, various growing techniques, extended season gardening, composting, soil management, integrated pest management, beneficial insects, plant life cycles and native food plants.


Tyler’s Vegetable Gardener Jon Cox, with the help of volunteers, uses ground-breaking gardening techniques. Different themes are assigned to each bed. The “Antioxidant Garden” features a raised bed containing soybeans, tomatoes, chamomile, broccoli and garlic. Root vegetables such as rutabagas, parsnips, carrots, and beets, as well as thyme, make up the “Super Soup” garden.

“At Tyler Arboretum, it is part of our mission to help others understand the importance of environmental stewardship and protecting our natural resources,” said Rick Colbert, Executive Director. “To that end, the Vegetable Garden presents an opportunity for us to educate the public about the multiple benefits of growing and harvesting your own food without the use of chemicals.”

Tyler Arboretum is one of the largest arboreta in the Northeastern U.S., with 650 acres of diverse horticultural collections, historic buildings, state champion trees, preserved woodlands, wetlands and meadows. It is located at 515 Painter Road in Media, Pennsylvania. For more information, call 610-566-9134 or visit www.tylerarboretum.org.