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7 Tips on Proper Book Preservation in the Brandywine Valley

Adobe Stock / AlenKadr

Follow these preservation tips for some of your most prized or old books from Washington, D.C.’s National Archives.

This advice will help to ensure your favorite reads stand the test of time.

1. Store books away from sources of heat and moisture. Avoid attics and garages.

2. Light can cause book covers to fade, especially the spines. Position bookcases away from sunlight. The same is true of paintings and other works of art.

4. Store small-to medium-sized books vertically. Shelve books of the same size together so they support one another.

5. Store large volumes horizontally. This keeps covers flat.

6. Handle books gently to avoid separating covers and spine pieces from the binding. Use a thin piece of paper or a length of ribbon as a bookmark instead of metal devices that clip over the tops of pages.

7. Don’t attempt to repair books you wish to pass on to future generations. Using tape to mend torn pages ultimately causes more damage. Simply box a damaged book, store it flat and handle the volume carefully.

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