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Q&A With ‘Tender is the Brisket’ Author Stacia Friedman


Former Hunt Magazine contributor Stacia Friedman interviews her favorite author – herself – regarding her first novel Tender is the Brisket.

Q: Tender is the Brisket is a funny name for a book. Where did it come from?

A: I combined F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night with the pot roast my mother made every Friday.

Q: Oh. So it’s a cookbook?

A: No, it’s a humorous novel about the Sandwich Generation.

Q:  Sandwich? That sure sounds like food to me.

A: The Sandwich Generation isn’t something you eat with pickles and chips. It’s the generation caught between raising their own kids and caring for their aging parents.

Q:  I thought you said this was humorous. That sounds depressing as Hell.

A: Did I mention that there’s sex? And lots of it?

Q:  Well, now, that sounds promising.

A: The heroine is Hollywood TV writer who returns to Manhattan after twenty years and has to deal with her highly dysfunctional family, including a mother with dementia and a cross-dressing brother.

Q:  A cross-dresser? How tacky.

A: But he’s an attorney.

Q: Oh, in that case… I’m still not sure I know what to expect. Is this book going to make me laugh or cry?

A: Both. It will make you horny too. The sex is off the charts. It will also make you hungry. I mean, it’s impossible to write about Manhattan without discussing food.  I get all hot and bothered just thinking about Zabar’s bakery department.

Q:  Something tells me your book is autobiographical. Is it?

A: My legal counsel has advised me to say Tender is the Brisket is wholly a work of fiction.

Q:  Ah ha!  So it is autobiographical!

A: Let’s put it this way. I worked in the film industry in Los Angeles, as does my protagonist. After my father died, I came back East and cared for my mother who suffered from dementia. That much is true. When it comes to the cross-dressing attorney and the torrid affairs, as I always say, reality is for people who can’t handle fiction.

Q:  Do you have any other books up your sleeve?

A: Actually, I have two more novels stuffed into my bra. Nothing Toulouse, a mystery set in France, and The Double Martini Book Club, a take-off on Fifty Shades of Whatever. They’re available on Amazon too. Plus, I’m working on a new humorous mystery.

Q: Can you give us a hint what it’s about?

A: Don’t be silly. If I knew what it was about, would I be talking to myself?

Stacia Friedman is a freelance writer whose novel Tender is the Brisket is now available at Amazon.