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An Eclectic Expansion in Home Furnishings


Sophisticated, eclectic, and unique describe the aesthetic of the prominent Kurtz family’s rug and home décor business, Kurtz Collection. The family’s design philosophy focuses on marrying the past with the present in an inspiring way. Their inventory reflects how the traditional complements the contemporary, an aesthetic that draws a passionate clientele and renders the Kurtz family visionaries in the world of home furnishings.

New Moon Salmon Rug, from Kurtz Collection


After serving for decades as Wilmington’s premier merchant of the finest handmade rugs with New Moon Rugs, the family relocated from their small shop on Lincoln Street to an industrial loft-type space on Union Street in December 2010. Not only does this change allow Kurtz Collection owners, including father John, mother Ellen and daughters Josephine, and Erika, room for a higher volume and wider variety of products, but it also affords them greater opportunities to work with clients and participate in community initiatives.

According to CEO Erika Kurtz, the expansion “allows us to draw upon all of our relationships with the top rug producers in the country, as well as a wider variety of rug producers from around the world. We source the best of the best from countries such as Pakistan, Iran, and India.” At just over 5000 square feet, the new space features plenty of room to browse among these nationally and internationally produced rugs.

The family builds upon their foundation of selling rugs by “offering a larger variety of furnishings for the general home with antique and one-of-a-kind pieces,” Kurtz says. “We also have six full room settings that we change often in a variety of ways to mix antique and contemporary pieces and create an eclectic look.”

Furnishings by Kurtz Collection


Customers” excitement about the move reflects the family’s investment in providing clients with quality goods and community support. The Kurtz sisters expanded their services to offer free design consultations, helping clients select appropriate furnishings for their homes. As Erika states, “We have all the elements you need to put a room together –from rugs to fabrics to furniture to pillows, so we can help put styles together. We expand on rug design by taking that same creativity to the whole house.”

Stocked with both traditional and contemporary fabrics, furniture, art, lighting fixtures, and tableware, as well as accessories such as jewelry, pillows, and candles, the store can better accommodate customers looking for large pieces for their homes, as well as those looking for small, fun gifts.

Marilyn Monroe Bottle Cap Necklace


While the family has always participated in unique shows, the increased square footage now affords them the space to host local trunk shows featuring specialized artisans, as well as meetings and events for charities. Kurtz Collection hosted a portion of the 11th Annual Beauty for Life event for the Biden Breast Health Initiative in March. According to Erika, the new opportunities for Kurtz Collection  is “a unique way for artists, programs, and charities to come together – we can bring them into our space as opposed to just making a donation, which is nice.”

For information about the Kurtz family and Kurtz Collection, visit www.kurtzcollection.com

Jasmine Pitts also contributed to this story.