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Inspired Design


Fashions for the late spring and early summer of 2011 promise a real revolution when it comes to accessories.

Delaware jewelry designer Anna Massey Biggs studied in Italy and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. All the elements of her classic designs are carved into wax first and then cast into silver, gold, or platinum before being combined into her work. Her desire is to make jewelry that can be dressed up or down. “My work is derived from nature and architecture as well as my travels to foreign lands such as Italy and Indonesia. I juxtapose the texture and detail on my hand-carved beads with the smooth luxury of pearls and stone,” says Biggs.

Simple statement jewelry is a must-have for warmer months, and the cuff was one of the prominent bracelet styles on the runway. Designers showed cuffs in various types of metals and fabrications. Olga Ganoudis is a local designer who integrates form, texture, and color in her designs. “I try to evoke the feeling of the past with the use of various symbolic shapes and the surface patina, whether it takes the form of a bracelet, earring, or necklace. From the very beginning there has been an alluring aspect about texture that has influenced my work.”

The stunning diamond rings designed by Bret Morris of A.R. Morris Jewelers of Wilmington are classic, handcrafted designs with modern glamour and sophistication.

A howelite and freshwater pearl necklace by A.R. Morris has a separate removable pendant that can be worn as a pin. It is rock crystal over reconstructed turquoise with faceted blue topaz between.

Necklaces have become more elaborate but compact at the same time. There really aren’t any cast-in-stone fashion rules anymore. Short necklaces can be bordered with longer ones to make both more striking and showy.