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Jemily Celebrates Your Beauty


Jemily’s new Idrissa collection certainly fulfills a woman’s dream, since it is well known that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The name “Idrissa” is African for immortal, certainly appropriate for these pieces that celebrate timeless elegance. These special and luxurious pieces of jewelry are influenced and somewhat inspired by Art Deco, a design style that evolved in the ’20s and ’30s in France and is characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. The Idrissa collection plays with this style but also adds “touches to make the look modern and elegant — and yes, romantic too,” as the designer Catherine Marion puts it.

Each piece of jewelry is made of 18kt. yellow gold with applications of beautiful diamonds and rare gemstones, such as sapphires and tanzanite. Marion says, “For example, with the Double Idrissa pendant, I decided to use tanzanite, a beautiful rich blue stone with glints and flashes of purple and pink as the center stone, and to surround the tanzanite with purple ombre sapphires with complimentary blue and pink glints. I then used diamonds to give it just the right amount of additional sparkle.”

Since jewelry is such a personal expression, you can make a subtle statement that’s attractive and sophisticated by wearing pieces of the Jemily line.

“My collection is conceived as a luxurious extension of a woman’s heart and soul — so connected to her true being that it’s like a radiant aura,” Marion says.

For Mother’s Day, especially, a piece of it, perhaps earrings, would make mom feel even more special.

Jemily is known for offering the highest quality in fine jewelry and sets high standards in terms of craftsmanship and focus on details. Designer Catherine Marion’s aesthetics create clean, uncluttered pieces and add the appropriate amount of diamonds and other precious or semi-precious gemstones, but she also wants to pay attention to the smaller details of her jewelry. She is equally concerned with the looks the piece itself, such as the clasps of the pendants and the weight of earrings. Each piece is hand made in New York, and before they are delivered to the client they are carefully inspected to make sure everything is perfect.

When she was in sixth grade, Catherine Marion, together with her family, moved from the Midwest to the Pennsylvania/Southern New Jersey area, where they enjoyed the area’s cultural activities. Later she went to the University of Delaware, which broadened her exposure to the Brandywine Valley. “Having Bove Jewelers carry my line of jewelry is just incredibly special for me,” she says.

After a career with a major international law firm, she decided to live her dream and become a jewelry designer. She received her degree in Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2007 and then worked with Sharyn Wolf and Azul Partners before she started her own successful entrepreneurship.

One of her retailers is Bove Jewelers in Kennett Square, Pa. This high-end jewelry store is welcoming and knowledgeable, where you can find a great variety of bridal jewelry, watches and other luxurious accessories in all price ranges. They not only carry well-known brands but also jewelry from newer designers.