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Local Jewelry Maker’s Pieces Featured on “Game of Thrones”


Olga Ganoudis, a native of Wilmington, Del., has been creating jewelry for more than 25 years.  What began as an artistic expression for the benefit of friends and family steadily  blossomed into a fabulous career.

Olga Ganoudis

Selling at craft shows and in high end galleries, Olga certainly had a taste of success as a jewelry designer. However, it was lunch with a friend in New York City that catapulted her to a whole new level. Casual conversation about the ABC hit show “Lost” led to several of her pieces ending up in the hands of executives. For the last three years of “Lost’s” run, Olga designed bracelets, pendants and key-chains sold to fans through the channel’s website.

As a result, her unique designs caught the attention of HBO, who anticipated a huge fan base for their explosive medieval hit, “Game of Thrones.”  The diverse cast of characters–including kings, knights, dragons and mythical creatures–were a treasure trove of inspiration. Olga’s renowned Dragon Egg pendant and Baratheon ring remain current favorites in the HBOshop and the Dragon Egg paperweight is included in the first-season DVD.

During the show’s international exhibit, with stops in Toronto, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Belfast and New York City, Olga’s designs were displayed among the 70 original artifacts.

Tucked away in her Trolley Square studio, which also serves as a boutique for her collection of hand crafted bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, Olga works on new pieces for “Game of Thrones” and is collaborating with the “Sex & The City” franchise to create merchandise relevant to their hit show. From conception to production, pieces can take anywhere from two to eight months to complete.

To purchase Olga Ganoudis’ jewelry, visit olgaganoudis.com. Purchase Olga Ganoudis’ Game of Thrones designs here.

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