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What fragrance do I choose for laundry that’s a mix of lady workout clothes and manly fleecewear? After thinking long and hard I choose Spring Rain. I mean what’s not to like about smelling that fresh?

I am not using my usual Tide today. Instead, I’m trying out a new product, Love Potion Laundry Detergent, developed by Unionville resident Denise Ross. Several years ago, Ross decided to augment her work in the commercial real estate field with a career that would be “more creative and fun.” A Seattle friend introduced her to the concept of gorgeously scented laundry detergent, and Ross thought she’d try blending some herself.

She found a base detergent created by a wholesaler for use in nursing homes, laundromats and hospitals. It is hard-working on tough stains but gentle on skin.

“The stuff is amazing, with great cleaning power,” she says.

With that as a starter, Ross experimented adding different fragrance elements to create a product that would add a note of luxury to the washday experience. She was delighted to see the dry laundry kept its beautiful scent while in the drawer or on the shelf.

I can confirm that; when my husband folded the clothes I’d washed in Love Potion, he asked why they smelled so much nicer than usual. We asked Ross to tell us more about the world of Love Potion Laundry Detergent.

Q: What made you think you could successfully launch a business like this?

Ross: When people kept calling requesting more, I realized there was a market for this type of product. It didn’t happen overnight. Creating the product was the easy part. Finding suppliers for ingredients and packaging was my biggest challenge. No one was interested in selling me 100 bottles, they wanted an order for 50,000! I continued to give the product to friends and family, asking for their opinions on their favorite fragrances, which allowed me to pick the top four that were launched in 2006. Customer feedback was my motivation to keep moving forward and selling Love Potion (TM). My friends and family always expect me to be carrying a supply when we meet. My work experience with two major corporations, law firms, and several real estate development/brokerage firms helped me to understand that you need a good team of professionals working for you to be successful. I don’t have all the answers, but I always know who to call to find them. My next challenge is to find a distribution company.

Q: Are the detergents for sale in local stores or just online?

Ross: Right now I am selling online (www.lovepotionlaundry.com), except for one store “House This,” located in Grand Rapids, Mich.; they will pay more than wholesale to carry my products.

Q: How are people finding out about the products?

Ross: Word of mouth has been my best marketing tool. My website, www.lovepotionlaundry.com, is getting more hits due to adding a Facebook page (Love Potion Laundry) this year. I have a Twitter site, but no time to tweet!

Q: How much do you sell?

Ross: 2010 sales were strong and the word is spreading about my products. I now receive orders from all over the country and I always ask customers “how did you hear about my products?” They tell me their aunt sent it to them or they heard about it from a friend in Chicago. People order hundreds of the 2-oz. bottles as gifts to give out at wedding showers. I had one woman who told me she was given a bottle six months ago, finally tried it when her store-bought detergent ran out, and then she placed a large order with me, swearing she’d never go back to store-bought detergent again! I’ve got lots of customers, female and male both, who place orders of six large bottles at a time. I appreciate my customers who are willing to purchase a luxury product in the current economy, but it does what it says it will: leaves your laundry clean and smelling great!

Q: I’ve tried the detergents and they smell yummy, but it’s hard to judge the cleaning power, since I haven’t washed anything covered with mud, for instance; just clothes after one wearing, etc., so – how do we know they clean as well as regular laundry detergents?

Ross: I’ve had customers tell me they’ve tried everything but only Love Potion(TM) is what got the odor or stain out of their clothing. Several friends of mine use it on their sons’ hockey uniforms, claiming it removes tough odors. Now their kids request it on all their clothes. I make a detergent called “Date Night,” a blend of lavender, citrus, spice, and wood; it’s the most requested of my custom-blended scents. If you don’t tolerate fragrance you can order a bottle of “Pure Love,” which is my fragrance-free detergent.

Love Potion can be used on all washable fabrics and works great on sheets, towels, blankets, pillow cases, curtains, blue jeans, lingerie, bathing suits, workout gear, sweaters, etc. I use it on everything! I have the LG front-load washer and it is safe to use on all high-efficiency machines. I use approximately three tablespoons for an extra-large load. You can also pre-treat with my products. No dryer sheet is required either … no static with Love Potion(TM)!

I’ve had customers tell me they’ve washed their sheets and put them in their linen closets. When they pulled them out two weeks later, they can still smell the fabulous fragrance. Love Potion Laundry Detergents … leaves your laundry and your home smelling wonderful!

Q: You mentioned you would mix scents on order? How do you do that? Suppose I wanted gardenia, or lily of the valley – could you make those? Do they cost more? They would make amazing gifts!!

Ross: There is no extra charge for a custom-blended fragrance. I love lily of the valley and gardenia and both would be great for Love Potion Laundry Detergents. When I lived in Florida, friends would float gardenias in bowls as a centerpiece, and when I lived in Chadds Ford we had a small patch of lily of the valley that came up every year; I would cut them and put them in the crystal vase my sister gave me as an engagement present! I will pull that vase out and get inspired to create a new fragrance!

Q: Tell me a little about your professional background, and your personal story as well—kids, etc.?

Ross: I am married and living in Unionville, Pa. I have two teenagers. I work full time in residential property management for Emory Hill Real Estate Services, Inc. I’m also a licensed real estate agent in three states. The majority of my career was spent in commercial real estate sales and leasing. I am a golfer (mandatory when you are in sales) and enjoy a good game of tennis. I love a good meal with a big glass of Merlot, finished off with a small piece of something with chocolate in it!

(Your editor is currently washing sheets and a duvet cover in Love Potion’s Breakfast in Bed fragrance, fully expecting an extra, glorious boost into dreamland tonight.)

Order Love Potion at: www.lovepotionhomeproducts.com
Denise Ross may be reached at: dross@lovepotionproducts.com


  • A unique blend of apricot and freesia, Breakfast In Bed™ was originally designed to be used on sheets and pillowcases, but it can be used on all washable fabrics including towels, clothing, lingerie and even pet bedding! Breakfast In Bed is a more subtle fragrance and has been the most popular of the Love Potion™ fragrances so far.
  • A soothing blend of lemon, lily and jasmine, Spring Rain™ is a light fragrance that reminds you of those first spring days when a gentle rain falls on the newly budding flowers. Its refreshing lemon citrus fragrance is complemented by the floral lily and jasmine.
  • A warm blend of musk and summer flowers, Moonlit Walk™ is a slightly more masculine fragrance and when washed into throw rugs or washable curtains, bedding, or clothing leaves your home smelling like the night in summertime. It will remind you of memories of a moon garden where white fragrant flowers are lit by the moon’s light and the bright stars.
  • A soft blend of citrus, rose, musk and lilac, Summer Love™ is a favorite among hopeless romantics.
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