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Not Your Kid’s Beach Toys


The season may not have the same allure as it did when it meant three months of school-free vacation, but we still eagerly await the words “first day of summer” on the calendar. Why? Because summer means sunshine, flip-flops, beach days, backyard barbecues and, if you’re lucky, cool toys like these.

Chanel’s got a racket {1}

Chanel Baach RacketsPay homage to the legendary design house while playing in the sand with Chanel’s limited-edition beach racket set. It’s an instant treasure for any fashion aficionado. Wear your favorite Chanel swimsuit and sunglasses to complete the look.

Beach Racket Set, Chanel

Price available upon request. 


Golden pool buddy {2}Funboy pool float

The secret to throwing the ultimate pool party: enormous inflatable swans—just ask Taylor Swift. These luxury floats were spotted at the Grammy-winning singer’s July 4 bash last year. At over 80 inches long and 40 inches tall, there’s enough room for two people to float comfortably without ruffling any feathers.

Luxury Pool Floats, Funboy



Cast in concrete {3}

concrete table tennisNo one will question your love of ping-pong when they see a handcrafted 900-pound concrete playing table on your patio. If you’re not feeling particularly competitive, use James DeWulf’s sleek modern design to serve
food at your next party under the stars.

James DeWulf Outdoor Table Tennis, Restoration Hardware




The coolest cooler {4}

Coolest CoolerImagine Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello carting this cooler to their summer beach parties. It holds 55 quarts and has all the essentials: bluetooth-enabled speakers, a waterproof phone charger, an ice-crushing blender, and built-in accessories like plates, a bottle opener and a cutting board. 

Coolest Cooler, Amazon.com



In the round {5}

Beach People Towel
Beach towels are no longer purely functional. Today, they’re accessories—part of your summer look. Catch rays, and the attention of fellow beach-goers, as you kick back on The Beach People’s gorgeous cotton velour rounds. Their BoHo prints pair fabulously with the season’s best suits.

Luxe Beach Towels, The Beach People



Waves optional {6}

When it comes to surfing, size matters … Well, it used to. Lampuga’s motorized surfboard allows you to surf on flat water at a toplampuga speed of 34 mph—no big swells required. The carbon-fiber board has an anti-skid mat on its upper surface and a hand throttle for
speed control.

Electric Powered Jet Surfboard, Lampuga



Going Glamping {7}

Lotus Belle TentThose who turn up their noses at camping should change their minds after
seeing Lotus Belle’s luxury tents. They’re large enough to accommodate furniture, practice yoga poses, and gather with friends. The zip-up mesh windows and doors, groundsheet, and roof vents make it easy to forget you’re sleeping in the great outdoors.

Luxury Tents, Lotus Belle



No mere cart {8}garia-golf-car

Enter the fairway in the Garia Golf Car and your opponents will grant you a never-ending number of mulligans—if you let them drive, of course. Inspired by high-performance vehicles, the Garia is the epitome of luxury, with features like a built-in refrigerator, hand-stitched water-resistant seats, LED taillights, hydraulic brakes, and custom paint.

Golf Car, Garia


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