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Five Ways to Awaken Your Luxury Coffee Experience


Coffee is all about pleasure. Imagine sipping a cup in Vienna, in one of the city’s grand cafes. Close your eyes as you bring the mug to your nose, slowly inhaling the aromas. As you sip, the flavor captivates your senses, until you realize you are not in a coffee house in Vienna, but in your very own kitchen. Now, luxury coffee is available in the United States to an exclusive audience, thanks to Café MonteAgua.

But what makes their coffee so unique? It all starts with the beans.

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Selection process

Café MonteAgua sources its beans from the highest quality Genuine Antigua Certified coffee estates from the region including ML Los Altos, ML Angelica Maria, Corona and La Esperanza. Genuine Antigua, the famous coffee varietal regarded as one of the finest coffee beans available, is grown at 5,400 feet above sea level, in rich volcanic soil, low humidity, lots of sun and cool nights.


The roasting process is overseen by an artisan roaster in Pennsylvania Dutch Country and by Alejandro Castaneda, president and founder of Café MonteAgua. “Our typical turnaround time from raw bean to roasted coffee is five days, allowing for the perfect degassing of the coffee. After this, it is ready to be shipped to the customers’ doorstep. It is simply the only way we know of to deliver the full promise of Genuine Antigua coffee,” says Castaneda.


The coffee has an elegant, well-balanced, rich aroma and velvety finish. The Antigua region is located in a valley between dormant volcanoes that is filled with nutrient-rich volcanic soil. The bean itself is considered to be one of the purest variations of the original Arabica bean. While other coffee growers may try and alter their beans to extend growing seasons or increase their yield, these alterations affect the delicate flavor and aroma of the coffee.

There are currently three varieties available:

  • No. 12 Premium Roast: This premium coffee combines flavor, body and aroma with an earthy cocoa fragrance. It is smooth, balanced and sophisticated.
  • No. 14 Premium Roast: This premium coffee has a fragrant and aromatic dark cocoa taste with a spicy-earthy flavor. It has an enjoyable complexity, with a little more weight on the tongue. It includes a greater range of nuances such as cocoa and nutmeg, followed by a silky smooth citrus flavor.
  • No. 23 Premium Roast: This premium coffee has a smooth, lighter feel on your tongue. It has a bright, floral consistency and a chocolate aroma that hits you when it is ground. The taste finishes off with caramel and spicy tones as well as chocolate undertones.

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Less is more

Fewer and fewer coffee connoisseurs are willing to settle for off-the-shelf blends and lesser quality beans. Today’s coffee drinker wants quality ingredients that are simple and pure. Café MonteAgua’s Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai varieties are among the purest in the world, untouched by anyone except the indigenous tribes who handpick the bright red fruit off the coffee plants that contain the precious seeds or beans. Only the sun dries the beans, imparting them with the essence of warmth and richness evident in the flavor profile of the coffee.


Previously only available to the general public in high-end coffee destinations throughout Europe and Japan, Genuine Antigua Guatemalan coffee is now available in the U.S. to an exclusive audience. The coffee is available for single purchase or as a subscription plan so that the fresh roasted coffee is delivered to your doorstep every month for one year. The subscription plans guarantee that the coffee will be reserved for you before it sells out. Those wishing to become part of this exclusive experience can visit cafemonteagua.com. Pricing begins at $24.99 per bag.

Café MonteAgua coffee can be found at Janssen’s Market in Greenville, Del., and served at the Greenville Country Club. You can also shop online for monthly subscription, one-time or holiday orders at cafemonteagua.com, or contact Alejandro Castaneda directly at alejandro@cafemonteagua.com



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