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Adamstown Antique Extravaganza


Adamstown, Pa., known as the Antiques Capital of the United States, is hosting its annual Antiques Extravaganza from Wednesday, June 23 through Sunday, June 27, 2010.

Antiques on display outdoors

Thousands of vendors from surrounding areas will have the chance to show their wares. Antiques are placed both inside and outside, with each vendor cramming his or her space to its capacity to give visitors the greatest selection possible. The dealers also open earlier and close later than they would normally. Everything from cars to light fixtures to knick-knacks will be on display and up for sale.

A storefront displaying "useful junk"

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Adamstown is close to Reading, and as a result, has more than just a wide selection of antiques to tempt visitors. The nearby outlets provide entertainment for those interested in more modern shopping, and the local restaurants vary from up-to-date microbreweries to drive-ins that add an old-fashioned flare to any dining experience. Lodging in the area includes branches of nation-wide hotel chains, as well as cozy bed & breakfasts.

The small town can be accessed from the Pennsylvania Turnpike at exit 286 from any direction, which makes it an easy stop on a summer road trip. For more information on the Antiques Extravaganza and Adamstown, please visit http://www.antiquescapital.com/index.asp.