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Celebrate Bloomsday!


James Joyce, one of the most distinguished writers of the 20th century, enthralls the mind. From Ireland to America millions read his literature, questioning his complexities and epiphanies.

Here’s an epiphany: Come celebrate Bloomsday in Philadelphia, Pa., home of the original Ulysses manuscript. Bloomsday, named for the protagonist Leopold Bloom, is the day when the fictional Bloom made his “odyssey” through Dublin in Joyce’s novel Ulysses.

This annual tradition, attended by hundreds, takes place on June 16, 2010 from midnight until 7pm. at the Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia, Pa. Some of the city’s most notable individuals will give public readings on the steps of the museum. As part of a worldwide celebration of all James Joyce works, the museum features an exhibition of other Joyce material, as well as related events.

Joycean or not, Bloomsday is sure to be a day to remember.

For more information about Bloomsday, visit www.rosenbach.org/learn/events or call 215.732.1600.