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Exhibit Captures Nature, Childhood


Support local artists Linda Celestian and Kyle Ripp by viewing their exhibit, Crash, Hush in the Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts now through June 27, 2010. See Celestian’s breathtaking paintings and sculpture influenced by the beauty and life force of the natural elements.

By employing a variety of techniques such as layered spills, pours, and splatters of thinned oil paint, Celestian translates the ebb and flow of waves as they build to a loud crescendo when they reach the shore and then softly recede. Just as she diversifies her work with technique, this talented artist also experiments with various mediums to visually communicate, to intrigue and confuse the eye. Crash, Hush features Celestian’s multi-component sculpture that combines dyed silk organza and wool to embody the movement of the ocean, a fascinating piece from every angle.

Celestian’s title piece, Crash, Hush

As a student of Moore College of Art and Design, Celestian studied fashion design and fine art; now a prominent artist, she has shown her work in the Delaware and Pennsylvania area for years. Her eye for aestheticism and deep connection to the universal life experiences found in nature resound throughout her work, especially in Crash, Hush.

Kyle Ripp’s mixed media pieces also await your delectation in Crash, Hush. Embrace your inner child as you view Ripp’s work of juxtaposed images from childhood and everyday life. Through his paintings and ceramic works, Ripp narrates life with the eyes of a child and combines images of playground equipment, amusement park rides, animals, and household items. Ripp attributes these once-innocuous objects with such symbolism that they suddenly become powerful and uncomfortably significant. His work is a must-see, as he forces us to contend with our past, our childhood that we’ve forgotten.

View this free exhibit to support both the local artists and the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts during the center’s regular hours between 10am-5pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and between 12pm-5pm on Wednesday and Sunday. For a docent-led tour of this exhibit, contact the DCCA’s Education Department at 302-656-6466. Visit http://www.thedcca.org for more information.