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The Future of Love


Futuristic technology collides with a timeless love story to create “Comic Potential.”

“Comic Potential” is the story of an ambitious, young writer who falls in love with a robotic actress. Although futuristic, this play embodies the universal emotions of infatuation, heartbreak and love.

The Chapel Street Players in Newark perform this unique show examining the effects that art can have on bringing people together and the ways that love can sometimes overcome any obstacle.

Written by Alan Ayckbourn and directed by Joseph Pukatsch, the show features Mike Freebery, Courtney Wallace, Ron Ozer, Connie Regan, Sandy Scott and Cindy Starcher, as well as other local artists.

For more information about show times and tickets, call 302.368.2248 or email CSP_email@yahoo.com. Visit http://chapelstreetplayers.org to learn more about the Chapel Street Players.

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