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Dressage at Devon 2012


The Dressage at Devon Horse Show has ushered in the fall since 1975, and 2012 is no exception, but the event adds some exciting new traditions.

With more than 700 entries and 35,000 spectators, Dressage at Devon maintains its tradition of a world-class dressage competition combined with the world’s largest open-breed show outside of Europe. But this year, young horses can now receive more recognition, and people can increase their knowledge about horses and dressage. Dressage at Devon is channeling funds generated from the show into equine education and offering additional seminars.

The Devon Horse Show grounds continue to make improvements to footing and drainage. The schooling ring has undergone a complete reconstruction, which now brings all Devon rings to world-class levels.

New opportunities to shine are now open to 3-year-olds. The new 3-year-old Sport Horse Prospect Championship combines scores from the 3-year-old in-hand breed class with Materiale classes where the horse is shown under saddle, providing a more complete assessment of a horse’s potential.

New at the breed show will be Iberian horses. ?Among the fantastic breeds that always grace the Dixon Oval, this year will also feature the Iberian breed.  Of Spanish descent, these fabled equines of the Middle Ages, Iberians are included in the baroque category.  They are strong and agile and possess rare qualities that make them uniquely well-suited for classical dressage,? said Melanie Sloyer, chair of the Breed Show.

A renewed dedication to equine education will be an underlying theme of this year’s show. ?Education has always been the backbone of Dressage at Devon. We?re very excited to be able to contribute to this effort on a stronger financial level. Our programs will cover a broad range, from amateurs to professionals, and children to adults,? said president and CEO, Lori Kaminski.

Dressage at Devon 2012 is already lining up educational programs for equestrians and spectators including ?Emergency – What to do before the vet comes? as well as several USEF training sessions for judges.

In 2011, Guy McLean, an accomplished horseman from Australia, entertained, inspired and educated spectators at Dressage at Devon. Given the audience acclaim, it’s not surprising that Guy and his equine team ? Hope, Sequel, Pride and Spinnaby ? have been invited back this year. They have performed in front of millions across the world, showing a level of communication and partnership between man and horse that most have never seen before. He can orchestrate the movements of four horses at once: sitting, rolling, bowing, and much more. Whatever his performances include, they?re sure to amaze and, of course, be sprinkled with a dash of Aussie humor.

General admission tickets are $10 per day. For more information, to purchase tickets or to renew a box holder’s subscription, visit www.dressageatdevon.org.