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Hotter Than That


Marilyn Monroe, cigars, cows on the beach, beer bottles – all of it is covered by the lazy summer show at the Serpentine Gallery‘s “Some Like it Hot” exhibit.

“We wanted to have a fun summer group show,” gallery owner Sandra Retzlaff said. “Some like it hot is a fun curiosity question.”

When she mentioned the theme “some like it hot” to the artists, they got to work on paintings and sculptures inspired by the concept. One artist thought of the movie “Some Like it Hot,”¬† painting¬† Marilyn Monroe. Others came up with scenes of beaches and laundry lines.

Retzlaff’s favorite of all the works is Valetta’s erotic pastel painting of nude people on a beach.

“It’s very colorful, it tells a story and it makes you wonder what’s going on,” she said.

But that’s not the only interesting work there. An oil painting of Italian sunbathers next to a pool is executed by Adrian Martinez. Gina Groenberg’s contributes a paper mache sculpture of a cigar entitled “George Burns and Gracie Allen.”

The exhibit continues through August 27, with a “meet the artist” event on August 5 from 7-9pm.