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Invention Convention


Children have the opportunity to express their creativity and ingenuity at the Hagley Museum and Library Invention Convention.

This fun, weekend-long event encourages children to explore, create, and experiment. They can build inventions out of ordinary household items — like cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, and oatmeal containers — at the Create-An-Invention workshop, and patents will be available from the Hagley patent office.

Other attractions include the Tinkering Tables, where children can safety take apart appliances and machines such as computers and telephones; a science-related scavenger hunt; and science shows following a new theme each day.

“Invention Convention enables children to tap into their ingenuity by dismantling an array of machines and creating gadgets from basic everyday materials,” says Jeff Durst, the education coordinator.

Admission, including supplies, is $3.50 per child (ages 4-14), $5 for adults and free for Hagley members and children three and under. For more information, call (302) 658-2400 or visit www.hagley.org. When arriving, use the Buck Road East entrance off of Route 100.