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Celebrating Japanese Horticulture


Come contemplate the simple pleasures of Bonsai and Ikebana.

The Philadelphia Chapter of Ikebana International and the Brandywine Valley Bonsai Society present the art of arrangement and cultivation at Longwood Gardens. The exhibit demonstrates hours of joyful creation, patience and ingenuity.

Viewers can appreciate Japanese culture along with aesthetics and entertainment. Although Bonsai trees are already popular, many believe they are only shrubs or dwarf species. Actual trees, such as California redwoods, are cultivated into bonsai. Flower arranging is simple art, but Ikebana goes beyond stems and blossoms. Ikebana arrangements are based on natural elements and harmony between humans and nature.

Enjoy a peaceful afternoon of art and culture in Longwood Gardens” Conservatory Exhibition Hall. Delight in serenity and inspiration on November 14 at Longwood Gardens, 1001 Longwood Road, Kennett Square, Pa.