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Polo Winds Down


If lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet, then surely polo must be the fastest on four. The season ends at Brandywine Polo in Toughkenamon on September 19, and with it, the last chance to enjoy the non-stop action.

If you’ve never seen a match in person, it’s a surprisingly accessible sport, both for fans and would-be riders. And it’s great fun to watch. Polo ponies wheel and spin, charging after the ball, as their riders swing mallets, attempting to score a goal. But a polo match is also an experience. Bring your family, visit the fieldside playground, pack a picnic lunch – even the dog is welcome!

On September 17, Twilight Arena Polo starts at 6:30pm and is $5 per person. On Sunday, September 19, the match starts at 3 pm and is $10 per person. Children 16 and under are free. The games are played at 232 Polo Road. Brandywine Polo also offers lessons for those mesmerized by the sport. For more information, call 610-268.8692 or visit www.bpapolo.com.