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Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance


As spring arrives and the aroma of nature’s blossoms permeate the air, Longwood Gardens invites you to illuminate your senses with the Making Scents: The Art of Passion and Fragrance exhibit.  Longwood Gardens, one of the leading horticultural centers in the world, is presenting this first major exhibition on view from April 10 – November 21. [quote]

The exhibition intertwines the beauty of Longwood’s natural setting with the science and artistry of its horticulture. “The Art and Passion of Fragrance explores the aura of romance, mystery, and sensuality that for centuries has surrounded the experience of perfume as an important social ritual of everyday life,” said Longwood Gardens Director Paul B. Redman. The exhibit is divided into four essential sections: “Into a Fragrant World,” “The Art of Perfume & Fragrant Gardens,” “The Science of Fragrance,” and “Your Fragrant Garden.” Guests will experience the actual flowers and plants used to make perfumes, observe the technical process behind scent creation, explore the exotic powers of smell, and even have the opportunity to create their own basic fragrance.

In addition to the 5,500 plants Longwood has to offer, more then 260 have been added specifically for this exhibit to further welcome and engage the visitors to see, touch, and smell.

For more information visit www.longwoodgardens.org or call 610-388-5200.