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May Day Walk


For many years, it was a tradition each May for E.I. du Pont and his wife to take their children on spring walks by the riverbank, pointing out nature’s splendor along the way. Sophie, du Pont’s youngest daughter, wrote about one such walk in May 1828: “The Dogwood and hawthorn are in bloom all around [the meadow], and their white blossoms contrast beautifully with the varied green of the young leaves, that just begin to throw a shadow over the thousand flowers that bloom beneath them.”

To honor the du Pont family’s 19th-century tradition, join the Hagley Museum in Wilmington for its second annual May Day Walk on Saturday, May 1, between 10am and noon. The walk is free for Hagley members and children under five; visitors pay the regular museum admission price.

During the walk, local experts will point out the different wildlife habitats and discuss the various plants and animals.

Hagley Executive Director Geoff Halfpenny will give a brief introduction to the family history of “Maying excursions” prior to the walk. “I”m really looking forward to joining visitors in carrying on this tradition, and after the harshness of winter, to seeing the signs of life of a new season,” says Halfpenny.

For more information, call 302.658.2400 weekdays or visit www.hagley.org.