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Pedal Harp Concert at St. Michael Lutheran Church


The music most associated with the heavens will be brought down to earth for all music listeners to enjoy.

The instrument that stands 6 feet tall, and weighs close to 80 pounds will be heard at St. Michael Lutheran Church. With up to 47 strings the pedal harp has the potential to reach many spectrums of sound. Janet Witman and Mindy Cutcher are masters of this daunting instrument, and will be showcasing an exciting repertoire along with demonstrating the uniqueness that this instrument holds.

The pedal harp is being heard more and more in today’s music, so this is not just a show for the older generations, but something for the younger set to get into as well. The show starts at 3pm with suggested donations of $5 for adults and $2 per child under the age of 12.