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Six Photographers? Thousand Words


A photograph says a thousand words, and six different photographers are proving that saying with the ?Close to the Edge? exhibit.

Photo By Jim Graham

Hardcastle Gallery hosts the reception of photographs by six regional photographers, Steve Boyden, Jim Graham, Michael Kahn, Sam Krisch, Alessandra Manzotti, and David Nibouar. The photographs in the exhibition come from all corners of the globe, including Iceland, Antarctica, Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, and the United States.

Steve Boyden‘s work shows the fleeting beauty that surrounds us in the world. His photographs inform, entertain, and give the audience an experience they won?t forget. Boyden feels carrying around a camera, causes the photographer to never miss everyday events.

Jim Graham‘s photographs portray the drama and artistry of the many moods in the natural world that is all around us. Jim’s passion shines through in his work, as he gives his subject immense respect.

Photo by Steve Boyden

Michael Kahn‘s work,is powerful and alluring in his black and white photographs. His images transport the viewer to vivid landscapes for self-reflection. Kahn is legendary for his frozen moment-in-time photographs.

Sam Krisch‘s images are powerful in their simplicity, as they awaken feelings of solitude, quiet, and expansiveness. The photographs use either a palette of soft colors or a strong range of deep blacks and whites to enhance the story embedded in each image.

Photo by Michael Kahn

Alessandra Manzotti‘s photographs show a strong affinity for moody and dramatic scenes that is counterbalanced by a search for simplicity and introspection.

Dave Nibouar‘s photos are described as haiku poems. The initial photo is raw material; minimal enhancements on the computer, like copping and contrast adjustments, help to tease out the essence of the image. When it’s right, there is a connection between the artist’s eye and the heart of the viewer.

Each of the photographers brings different points of view to the exhibition, causing the viewer to have a range of emotions. Come see an exhibit that will cause the attendee to feel and think of more than just a thousand words.