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End of Summer Looks Up with Sky-High Entertainment


The sky over West Chester will be churning with activity for one special weekend in September, when the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center comes together with David Schultz Air Shows LLC to host the high-flying  Rotorfest 2010. From September 25 and 26, all sorts of rotorcraft will dot the sky in the world’s largest all-helicopter airshow, including both military and civilian-owned aircraft.

The Black Daggers falling with style

A highlight of the show will undoubtedly be the US Army Black Daggers Parachute Team, whose members are known to leave trails of reddish-pink smoke behind them in the sky. The US Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey, which combines the flight abilities of a helicopter with the speed of an airplane, will also be on display.

Along with the MV-22 Osprey and the Parachute team, at least 30 other kinds of helicopters are expected to make an appearance, either in flight or on static display. Each day will feature three unique air shows that include almost all of the different helicopters on display. Those feeling brave enough can even take a helicopter ride of their own for only $40 per person.

The MV-22 Osprey looks fierce even on the ground

The gates to the airport open at 10am for the event, with the helicopters taking to the skies at noon. Tickets for adults and children over the age of two are $10, while younger children are admitted free of charge. Rain or shine, visitors are sure to be in for a day of exciting and breathtaking entertainment.