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Star-Spangled Flag’s Mysteries


?The Star-Spangled Banner? is a flag with many unresolved mysteries that historians continue to debate today. Two hundred years ago, the flag, flown above Fort McHenry as dawn broke after the battle’s 25-hour bombardment, inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the poem that would become our national anthem. Next weekend, at the Chadds Ford Historical Society, author Gene Pisasale will be discussing the many misunderstandings about the War of 1812 and unanswered questions surrounding the famous flag.

Star-Spangled Banner Flag by Carl Lindberg.

Pisasale’s lecture and book The Forgotten Star are dedicated to American Veterans. Signed copies of the book will be available for purchase. Pre-registration is suggested due to limited seating. Call 610-388-7376.

Pisasale will be speaking again on August 2 at historic Fort McHenry in Baltimore. Both events are free and open to the public.