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Tales of Folk and Fairies: The Life and Work of Katharine Pyle


The Delaware Art Museum is  the perfect place to while away a hot, muggy afternoon, visiting the land of folk and fairies captured by Katharine Pyle.

Katharine Pyle (1863 ? 1938), Howard Pyle’s youngest sibling, emerged as one of Delaware’s most prolific women authors and illustrators. Between 1898 and 1934, she illustrated or wrote and illustrated more than 50 books?mostly stories about animals and fairy tales for children. Largely overshadowed by her more famous brother, Katharine and some 78 books and illustrations are reintroduced to present-day audiences.

Katharine’s work was stylistically influenced by Howard’s, but it also reflects an awareness of contemporary trends in illustration. Her illustrations are closely aligned with the work of Beatrix Potter, Walter Crane, and Arthur Rackham, as well as more avant-garde artists like Aubrey Beardsley. Drawing from these diverse influences, Katharine developed a unique approach that is entirely original.