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Wilmington City Gardens Contest and Tour


The Wilmington City Gardens Contest and People’s Choice Tour is an opportunity for both experienced gardeners and community members to share and admire the carefully manicured, lush gardens of fellow city dwellers.

Photo courtesy of TheDCH.

This free, self-guided tour of more than 60 gardens exhibits the most impressive green spaces that Wilmington has to offer. Provided with a map that details the gardens by categories, including Flower Gardens, Entry/Container Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, and Community Gardens, the tour is fully customizable to one’s own interests.

Whether you have your own green space to enter or expert opinion to contribute, there are many ways to get involved. Be a guest of the tour, photograph the gardens, or sponsor the tour. Join the Wilmington People’s Choice Tour and discover how gardeners across the city are creating their own calm urban oasis just steps away from the hustle and bustle of city life.