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Yuletide at Winterthur


Christmas decorations endure year after year, not just in our houses, but in our memories.

Visit Winterthur, and get inspired to decorate in a way that will rekindle both remembrances and the holiday spirit. Or, once the Christmas rush is over, treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon amid seasonal displays where you can take the time to think about decorations for next year.

Winterthur’s dried flower tree is a perennial favorite, but other trees also offer delightful decorations. The holiday exhibits explore the traditions of Americans from Colonial times through World War II, including special displays that recall du Pont family traditions.

This year, the Yuletide tour is free to Winterthur members and is included in general admission for nonmembers. To reserve a group tour, call 800.448.3883 or e-mail tourinfo@winterthur.org.