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15th Annual Kennett Square Brewfest


I love the smell of barley and hops in the morning.

There was a quiet buzz around me as I stood in line eagerly waiting to gain entry into the 15th annual Kennett Square Brewfest. A multitude of people all there for the same reason as me, for beer. Since it was my first time, not only for the Kennett Square Brewfest but also for any beer festival, I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect. As soon as I was given my weapon, the tiny but sturdy Kennett Square mug, my eyes widened to the scene that unfolded in front of me.

More than 60 breweries set up throughout the space on South Broad Street allotted for the Brewfest, and each brewery had two taps flowing with constant beer. The lines were quick to pass, and every pour was always a little more generous than 2 ounces. Finding new breweries I’ve never heard of, and all these different styles of beer, ranging from a Russian Imperial Stout to a Pumpkin Beer to even a Double Simcoe Hop beer kept surprising me. My taste buds went through a frenzy of different spectrums.

“It is like Christmas for beer drinkers,” said festival-goer Hilary Suwyn. Everyone had the aura of Christmas. We all had this common ground of beer, and only good times were to be had during the Brewfest. On top of the great beer that was being served, the Brewfest was also playing host to some incredible music ensembles. Carl Filipiak showed some amazing guitar skills, and as more and more beer filled the crowd’s stomachs, the dancing started to come out.

Brewfest volunteer Elizabeth Hartert said it best: “Great people, great beer, great fun.” In a world where the future can sometimes look bleak, beer provided a little pocket of sunshine for comfort, and a taste of peace. I cannot wait for next year, and I hope to see you there.