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This Brandywine Valley Wedding Celebrates a Global Romance

This Brandywine Valley wedding is stunning. Photos by Sharyn Louise Photography

After an underwater pairing in Belize, an adventurous couple staged the perfect Brandywine Valley wedding.

Scuba fanatic Ann Desjardins and her father were looking forward to an intense five dives per day in Belize before he retired from the sport. But when Dad perforated his eardrum on the second day, those plans changed. As fate would have it, Ann was paired with Dan Feldman.

Terrain ceremony


At the time the two met, Dan had traveled to over 60 countries. So it was only fitting that their courtship involve trips to places like London, France, Jordan, Egypt, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Dan’s sunset proposal was delivered on a rooftop in Turkey. “I was feeling so many emotions,” recalls Ann. “I was surprised by his willingness to bring an expensive ring, without a box, halfway across the world literally in his pocket.”


When it came time to pick a venue for their special day, they chose Terrain at Styer’s in Glen Mills. “You can’t quite grasp the magic of this place until you experience it yourself,” says Ann. “It’s difficult to explain.”

bride and groom

The pair walked down the aisle together on May 21, 2022, surrounded by 100 guests. At the reception, everyone enjoyed family-style entrees and live acoustic music. Signature drinks were themed to celebrate all the places Ann and Dan had visited—and instead of a traditional cake, the couple opted for fresh pies from a New Jersey farm.

An unexpected highlight of the day came when the newly married couple spent 10 minutes decompressing in Terrain’s mushroom house. “We initially considered nixing this moment in the planning stages, but the people at Terrain convinced us that we’d probably enjoy it more than we thought,” Ann says. “And they were very correct.”

Terrain wedding in the brandywine valley